Medicare Supplement
AKA - Medigap
What happened to Plan F? What are my alternatives?
New to SW Florida?
Here is what you need to know...

Medicare Prescription
Drug Plans
Prescription Drug plans are personal.  How to select the right one?
Turning 65? New to Medicare?

Who qualifies, what does it cost, how do I sign up?

Final Expense
Guaranteed Issue Whole Life to take care of final expenses, issued regardless of current health.
The Other AEP
MarketPlace Open Enrollment
Whether you call it ObamaCare, The Affordable Care Act or The Marketplace, click HERE to go to our page for information and enrollment in Marketplace Plans.
Stand Alone Dental Insurance
Most Medicare Advantage Plans have at least "preventative" care. For those who need more, click HERE to go to learn about Stand Alone Dental Plans for all ages.
The Advantage
in Medicare Advantage
With over 25 different plans offered by at least 6 different carriers in SW Florida which is the plan for you?
Helpful Medicare Related Web Links
2020 AEP is 
October 15 to December 7
Click HERE to go to our page that defines the Annual Election Period and tells you what you need to know to get the best fit for 2020.