All Seminars at at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County

2280 Aaron Street, Port Charlotte

February 20 10am to Noon

March 19 10am to Noon

April 16 10am to Noon

Please use the “Contact Us” button below to let us know which seminar you would like to attend. Reservations are not necessary, but it is helpful if we know how many water bottles to bring!

Most of our meetings happen one to one in your home, relaxed and on your schedule, right at the kitchen table. At the same time, we recognize that some are just more comfortable in a less direct setting. For you, we offer educational seminars the third Thursday of each month at the Cultural Center of Charlotte County, 2280 Aaron Street, Port Charlotte.  From 10am to Noon.

These seminars are far from packed or at “max capacity.” (like those financial guys you can’t see unless you have half  a million or more to invest….) But if you let us know you are coming we’ll know how many sodas or water bottles to bring!

At these meetings we go over mostly the things that you would learn on the  radio program… the parts of Medicare, the costs, enrollment options and especially special enrollment options. And because it is an “educational seminar” there is no selling. Period.