All Seminars will begin promptly at 3pm on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and should take about 40 minutes.

After the seminar if you would like to talk about how Medicare Advantage or Supplement options may apply to you specifically we can schedule a follow-up meeting.

Please use the “Contact Us” button below to let us know which seminar you would like to attend so that we can send you the ZOOM! invitation.

Most of our meetings happen one to one in your home, relaxed and on your schedule, right at the kitchen table. At the same time, these trying times have caused us to move our regularly scheduled seminars on line with ZOOM!.

For the rest of this year we will be conducting ZOOM! on-line seminars on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 3pm.

These seminars are far from packed or at “max capacity.” (like those financial guys you can’t see unless you have half  a million or more to invest….) But you must register in advance so that we can send you a ZOOM! invitation to the on-line meeting.

At these meetings we go over mostly the things that you would learn on the  radio program… the parts of Medicare, the costs, enrollment options and especially special enrollment options. And because it is an “educational seminar” there is no selling. Period.