• First, Medicare Supplements are known as open network plans. As a rule, any provider who accepts Medicare will accept any carrier's Medicare supplement plan.
  • Secondly, if you suffer from a chronic condition and anticipate a lot of Part B costs, 20% remember, you will happily pay the higher supplement premiums.
  • Third, if you have been getting taken to the woodshed over the costs of Affordable Care Act insurance you will not see the costs of a supplement as a hindrance.
  • There are more reasons to seriously consider a Medicare Supplement plan and if you would like to discuss them with a qualified Betts Agency insurance agent just click below.

Medicare Supplements provided by private insurance companies are built to cover some or most of the balance that original Medicare does not pay.

Medicare Supplement plans can be upwards of $200 a month or more vs Advantage Plans where the most popular plans in SW Florida are zero premium but still there are at least three reasons that Medicare Supplement plans are popular.