Our “Renewable Short Term” Insurance Plans can provide up to nearly 3 years of coverage to bridge the gap between the most expensive coverage years of the Affordable Care Act, Marketplace, plans and Medicare.

These are not Marketplace plans, so they are free of some of the coverage handicaps that can make full price ACA plans so cost prohibitive. They offer robust benefits at a much more affordable cost than an unsubsidized ACA, Markeplace, plan. At the same time, they cover traditional medical expenses such as preventive care, office visits, and prescriptions medications.

In SW Florida an ACA plan for a 63 year old male can easily cost $900 per month AND sport an $8,000 annual deductible! While a competitive short term plan can be as little as $450 dollars a month with reasonable copays and protections that will let you sleep at night.

For a no-obligation rate quote and plan information select                          and send us your zip code, age and gender. We can same day quote these plans with almost immediate coverage dates

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